I provide a safe, supportive space to identify and explore with curiosity, rather than judgement, what is at the heart of the current issue.

My therapeutic style is respectful, collaborative and direct. Together, we take a clear look at the current situation, and then investigate the beliefs, behaviors and habits of mind that are causing distress and discomfort. Together, we create a new roadmap to navigate life in more skillful, healthier ways. Clients often report that they like the way I help to hold them accountable, from week to week, for the goals they are setting, and the changes they are making.

All of the interventions I use with clients are evidence-based. They include, but are not limited to, mindfulness techniques, body-centered psychotherapy, trauma treatment, communication skills, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and family of origin work. I have a profound belief in the natural human capacity for growth, healing, and resiliency. This belief guides all my work with clients.

I have advanced training in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and the aftermath of trauma, and these are common areas of focus, although any topic, memory or situation that is causing distress is fair game to discuss.

I am strongly committed to receiving ongoing education in the field of Mental Health and Well-Being in order to provide my clients with the most effective treatment possible.  I adhere to the strict ethical guidelines and regulations of the American Association for Marriage for Family Therapists (AAFMT). 



Peg has a warm, nurturing and positive demeanor that makes one feel safe and strongly held. I always look forward to our sessions.
Peg is a good listener. She offers practical approaches to issues that are doable and not overwhelming. She has an eye toward long-term goals but is ready and willing to tackle whatever might come up for me on any given day.
Peg is wonderful. She is wise, kind, soothing, funny, and warm. She brings the perfect balance of empathy, active listening, guidance, and perspective to our meetings. I always leave our appointments feeling heard and encouraged — she helps me believe in myself and my inner strength.
Peg is a clear, stalwart and uplifting counselor. She somehow holds all the spaciousness in the world, for whatever is happening - and knows with great skill when and how to shift things into an active phase. Every one of her insights is gold, and her compassion is ever-present. I trust her guidance absolutely.